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Cinder and the Ellas


Cinder and the Ellas dream of running away with the circus, all they have to do is win the heart of the handsome and talented Prince, heir to the world famous circus family.

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Fidget Feet Aerial Dance - NY Performance 2016 - 226

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Sky Dance

12,000 people watched in wonder as aerialists, abseilers, drummers , pyro aerial and vertical dancers integrate with amazing projections in an amazing 4D Fidget Feet performance

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Kira in coccoon 2014

The Second Coming

All Ages

Witness a gravity-defying troupe of performers who will leave you spell bound. Come and see the heart of Irish culture being set free and given wings to fly.

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The Elves and the Shoemaker

Ages 4-8

Herman and Daisy want to make shoes for your feet. But they owe so much money they barely can eat. Don’t worry though, because magic is always just around the corner!

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Catch Me

Ages 11+

Red Riding Hood takes flight in this classic fairy tail with an aerial circus spin. Catch Me is a magical virtual world.

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All Ages

Flying musicians, a dance through the air, and the Firebirds. The sky is our stage as Fidget Feet clamber over two massive construction cranes to present their new aerial circus spectacle.

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Wired and Free

All Ages

Have you ever seen a Fisherman fly? Have you ever seen a Mermaid cross the stars? Have you ever been Wired & Free? Suspended 40 metres above your head watch a love story unfold that reaches through this life and into the next.

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A Fairies’ Tail

Family Show

This isn’t a once upon a time story. This is a happening right now story. Follow us as we take you on a journey through the mystical world of Fairy Land to discover the story of Buglite, the last fairy.

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Hang On

All Ages

Hang On brings the suited denizens of the business world into the sumo wrestler’s circle of combat. This is aerial dance at its finest. Hang On mixes an aerial dance trapeze duet with a live musical performance in a thrilling struggle between the sexes.

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r0pe duet


All Ages

Breathtaking circus, gravity- defying aerial dance work and erotic, fragile and fierce, Raw is an electrifying and dreamlike evocation of hedonistic nightlife.

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