Future Projects

We are full of ideas! Below are a little insight into what we’re thinking about for the next while. If any of this interests you, or if you have an idea you’d like to speak to us about, why not Contact us for more information?

Bingo wings

‘Bingo Wings’ – The Soul of Irish Bingo will take place in 2017 – this show is an aerial-dance, theatre, live music and community extravaganza with a ‘live’ bingo game collaborating together to form Fidget Feet’s new show.

During the 1960’s Ireland was beginning to move out of a depression, industrial growth was creating jobs in urban and local communities, the introduction of television and the Late Late show starts to became a transformative influence on Irish social history and popular cultural movement. Beatlemania, The Supremes the Irish Showband and Caile scene were filling the dance halls and alongside in both rural and urban halls of Ireland a bingomania frenzie was taking shape.

In 2017 Fidget Feet will start some research and development on this project. Working with five regional venues (Backstage Theatre in Longford, Hawk’s Well Theatre in Sligo, An Granain Theatre in Letterkenny, Lime Tree in Limerick and Town Hall in Galway we will run research clinics with the logo bingo community and workshops to young people and old people to gather stories.

Then Chantal McCormick and James Daly from Fidget Feet will work with Jo Mangan from the performance Corporation and John Nee to develop and write the show. With plan sto create and tour this show in 2018/19


Chantal McCormick from Fidget Feet is continuing a research project with ARK in Dublin on an early years show from 2-5 year olds based on 2 caterpillars becoming butterflies .

Aim in to produce this show in 2018.

Ark in Dublin is is a dedicated cultural centre for children.

Hip Hopera

Fidget Feet and the Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO) collaborated in 2014 on an aerial duet using hoop, trapeze and an aerial spiral with called ‘Trapeze’ by Prokofiev , conducted by Jorg Widmann and performing at the RDS and Limerick University Concert Hall. The collaboration was extremely successful both creatively and with audience reaction.

FF are in talks about how some of the musicians coudl be involved in this project idea. Fidget Feet will start research ideas of how to mix opera music with traditional music , with break beat and hip hop music : to tell an opera using breakdance circus and aerial dance , starting in March with MotionHouse from the UK , Hannah Fahey, and then having a thinktank event as part of some of the Opera events in ireland. This piece is still only an idea , so watch this space as to what may happen !

Thanks to baba Shakepeare for the idea : lets hope we can make it happen.