Corporate Acts



Are made up of 5 different stilt characters who are serene and graceful, a stilt walking procession of beauty , mystery and charm as they move amongst a crowd or parade on a stage and present a most unique three dimensional living sculpture as they hold a pose together before moving on again. We have art suspended from the sleves and use flags – for your event if you wish to market anything we can get that printed and attached to the stilt walkers costumes. can book 1 stilt character up to 5.
Ninja big window

Ninja Big Boots

Using bouncing stilts this character will create energy for any event , likes to be naughty and loves dancing and bouncy a high enerygy walk about.

Solaris and Pixie

These are Fidget Feet’s first ever costumes from 1999 and they still going strong – funded by a princes loan when Chantal and Jym the artistsic directors of Fidget Feet started their careers as circus performers. These are very colourful and cheeky but friendly characters. can be booked as a duet or on their own.
milk market Blue

Snow Queen

She is tall, elegant and commands attention. A true queen.


Floor Walkabouts


Circus freaks

These 4 colourful and bright acrobatic characters can bring a touch of energy and fun to any event. They have fun dance rountinues and one of them is always trying to be the best – we have strong man , reindeer boy , bendy brenda and trumpet boy to entertain and make you laugh.
a nice cup of tea

Flower lady on her bike

She is a very bright, colourful and quirky lady – fun for all the family or adults as she weaves in and out of the action on the floor – using confetti or if a xmas theme using fake snow to interact with the audienes. She can also do an aerial trapeze act if booked to do more than 1 act.
Rachel wings n water


This beauiful elegant creation works well with the Artifact stiltwalkers and can do a floor walk about they also can do aerial counterweight flying


Cyr Wheel

This is a wheel that works on the floor and the performer does arcobatic using the wheel – the floor needs to be suitable for this act no carpet or soft floor and we need space to perform – this can be used as a walk about outside or an act inside works well with the circus freaks  


Funny dancing elves
milk market Blue

Snow Queen

She commands attention and is tall & elegant.  A true queen.

ritche fire 1

Fire Breathing & Various Fire Acts

Fidget Feet can provide  a package to any client that includes  various fire acts to go with any event – so when shopping for stils, aerial, acrobatics we can provide fire outside also

Aerial Acts

Aerial Silks -Wedding
Rachel hoop 1a


A circle ring Static or counterweighted – using Fidget Feet’s own rig or on-site facilities – need a rigger to do site visit before we can confirm this act. Costume vary for this apparatus and can be created to any music to suit the client  
Sara pic


FF can provide various colours of fabric for any event including : blue, white, green, red , purple – also costumes to match and we can create solo’s duet’s and up to as many aerialists as you need for your event. Can use Fidget Feet rigs or your venue – however you need to send a rigger to confirm rigging
Dawn 39


Fidget Feet  works with Aerial dance single point trapezes and static trapezes or doubles trapeze  – solos duets etc and can work with any costumes and music for your event – rigger needed for counterweigting

lee spiral 5


Spiral was created by Tanya Borno and Fidget Feet uses 2 spirals in Second Coming – performed for male and female with or without live singing. White/cream all in one – but can do black and can get other costumes made – this spiral solo works great on the FF aerial rig also.

Triple Hoops

Triple hoops – is used in Fidget Feet’s Elves and Shoemaker – this involves  3 colourful flying elves performing  an amazing playful aerial act that needs only 2 points – this act is counterweighted so flys up and down and swings – we can also do this act in white eleglant Madam Silk all in one costumes with different music. Site visit required and rigger looks good in Fidget Feet’s bird’s cage rig.  
fidget feet, champagne pour, aerial hoop, dromoland castle

Champagne Pour

This doubles or singles act using aerial hoop artists will add a new dimension to your event, serving champagne to your guests from a height!

dress set up

Madam silk hoop dress

This was created by Jonthan Campbel for Fidget Feet’s Madam Silk show – it has 1 performer who also can be a singer in the harness with the the large hoop dress below her – this dress can have 2 aerialists do aerial act on the rings – also this works well in Fidget Feet’s Bird cage rig or your own venue it is counterweigted and needs 2 points and rigger.
Raw 01

Aerial Rope Acts

Dramatic solo or duet acts performed on aerial ropes – these can be accompanied by a selection of costumes to suit any theme.
stage angel 1 sml


This beautiful elegant creation works well with the Artifact stilt walkers and can do a floor walk about they also can do aerial counterweight flying


Double Trapeze

This act is 15mins long – low doubles trapeze this  act is raw and sometimes sexy, very contemporary and can be worked to suit any event can be male and female duet of 2 females. Also we can offer a high doubles trapeze with Rona and Aisling FF’s core team. If you are interested please contact for more info

Triple Trapeze

Using a large trapeze bar that 4 people can perform on at the same time. Dressed in amazing gold  and red costumes. This is a perfect act for any event. Highly skilled and physical and fun.  6mins long

Fabric Double

This is an amazing act using a spreader bar with 2 aerial fabrics rigged on and both performers weave up and down on the fabric, spin , swing and fly . up close works best . In blue costumes 7mins long


Aerial Crane

Fidget Feet has 2 full crane shows ‘Wired and Free’ and ‘Firebirds’- the aerial acts from these shows can be booked as  individual,  festival or opening – a great way to make a huge imapct at  your event – Fidget Feet has all the rigging expertise and paper work to support the client to book a crane company to fly Fidget Feet’s aerial acts.
wired and free- pic from Clonmel launch


From Wired and Free – fisher man

Dragon ladies

This works for any event as we fly over the audiences and  pick up a member in the audience.This also works if you have  famous person at the event or someone’s birthday that wants to surprise their friends we can pick them up and fly.


This was created as part of performance rigging for Wired and Free we can suspend fabrics, hoops, trapezes and we can have 3 performers doing aerial acts plus we can have an extra performer abseil from top to bottom of the anchor.


Mermaid and Seahorse

This was commissioned for Wired and Free – it lights up and at night the sea horse allows us to  place a singing mermaid  over the audience.
circle take off 2

Large circus ring (hoop or fabric)

This circle ring – was commissioned by Cavan Fleadh Ceol – this is a very verstaile piece of aerial equipment – we can have fabric, hoop , trapzes or side pick up harnesses attached – we ca have 3 – 6 artists suspended from the ring. We cah also have someone suspeneded from the centre that can abseil down i’e the fire bird character from Firebirds.
Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 14.07.45

Musicial notes

These are great for day or night – used during ‘Firebirds’ we can have real musicians fly low and play live or we can have aerialists pretending to play music as part of an event.


6 Can-can Girls

These can be booked as 3 girls or 4 girls and 2 boys !! Can-Can is the theme with Cannon confetties and lots of frills with lights – ideal for any fun event and from the crane we can fly very low over  audiences and   shake hands. Using side pick up harnesses we spin and somersault to any music or our own. Works during day and at night it has lights.

Aerial Wall Running

Fidget Feet can be commissioned to open a building or do a show on a building using the buidling itself and the wall – using abseiling techniques – please contact Fidget Feet for more info on this and we can send a rigger to do a site visit and create a show that can work for your event.

Music & Singing



Fidget Feet can offer live singer with Madam silk hoop dress, mermaid and seahorse,  the crane and singing  for Spiral act… maybe even more.
Dj la de da live

DJ La de Da

Jym Daly is Fidget Feet’s main composer for all of Fidget Feet shows and the artistic director of Fidget Feet – He can do Dj’s and Vj’s for any event and any style . If you are  interested in checking out or buying some of his music click here.


Fidget Feet has 2 aerial rigs that can be hired on its own with a rigging crew or with Fidget Feet’s aerial acts

Goal Post Rig

  • Pro-lite H30
  • Can be 6-9 meters high, 4 meters wide,
  • Floor-roof height of 7 meters.
  • Floor space is 4m * 4m square.
  • Can be rigged with an arced or straight truss.

Bird cage rig

  • ProLite H30
  • 5,7 or 9 meters high.
  • 6m by 6m floor space
MS Kent 1

Various Trusses



All of our rigging health & safety, documentation and certification is carried out by the experts at