Past Productions


Cinder and the Ellas (2016)

Come and share in Cinderella’s journey and watch the thrilling and heartfelt story being retold using aerial hoops, cyr wheel, aerial triple trapeze, a specially designed set full of projections and an original musical score. Cinder and the Ellas dream of running away with the circus; all they have to do is win the heart of the handsome and talented Prince, heir of the world famous circus family. He is looking for a new aerial act to star in his next production, whoever wins will get to travel the world with the Prince! But things get a bit messy for poor Cinders, with only her heart, her strength and her phone, Cinder will rise above all to win the heart of the prince and set herself free (with a little help from her Fairy Godmother App!)

Catch Me (2011)

Red Riding Hood takes flight in this classic fairy tail with an aerial circus spin. Catch Me is a magical virtual world. Come and watch this thrilling story retold as Red Riding Hood and the Wolf swing high above the audience in a forest of over 250 metres of circus rope. No two performances of Catch Me can ever be the same, as visual projections and an original score are mixed in real-time like a painting, coming alive around the characters. Catch Me is full of Fidget Feet’s trademark stunning aerial acrobatics. A stunning mix of aerial feats, dance and theatre that is suitable for 12yrs+.
Snowqueen full cast
I'll find someone
Gerda and Kay 'skate' sml
Flatulata swings
Snowqueen silks 4

Snow Queen (2010)

An exciting and beautifully crafted version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, devised and created by Fidget Feet. A demon creates a dark mirror which distorts the world.  Smashing the mirror to a thousand pieces, each of which can pierce the eye and cause you to see only ugliness and freeze the heart so you don’t care, you’ll need to make sure you duck. A young boy is kidnapped and the chase is on by his little sister to save him before his heart is frozen forever and maybe yours with it!  Who shall win out in this incredible journey of imagination? Let’s hope it’s us! Co-produced by An Grianán Theatre and Fidget Feet and funded by Irish Arts Council to celebrate 10th anniversary of the theatre. Toured throughout Ireland in 2010 and 2011. Directed by Gavin Marshall with costumes by Paul Shriek.
april rehers 1

Madam Silk (2009)

Madam Silk– has 3 fantastic female aerial dancers performing this fresh and sensual piece. Chantal Mc Cormick from Fidget feet and Lindsey butcher from Gravity and levity (Brighton) and Jennifer Paterson from All or Nothing (Scotland). The renowned international aerial choreographer and teacher Fred Debs from Drapés Aériens  was choreographer and performer.  Creating a sensual world where the stage is filled with fabric and the women explore different ways of dancing and suspending in and on the fabric. This piece has a very different feel to some of Fidget feet’s other work; Madam silk has a beautiful French style.  Music composed and mixed live by Jym Daly. Lighting by Jacques Bertrand. Fantastic set and new costumes from award winning Paul Shriek. Madam Silk started in October 2009  development at The Firkin Crane in Cork, Ireland, as part of a residency funded by Blank Canvas and Irish Arts council. Then in November 2009 performed at Balor Theatre Donegal and as part of the Tralee Circus Festival @ Siamsa Tire theatre, town Park, Tralee , Co Kerry November 2009. This piece was developed and finished  created 2010 with a commission award from Irish Arts Council for Fred Deb’ and Fidget Feet’s 3 month residency at Shawbrook and Longford Dance Fest, with aerial rehearsal space from Backstage Theatre and free space in Legan local hall. Fidget Feet with a touring grant toured to 14 venues throughout Ireland 2010, and showed at the first Irish Aerial Dance Fest as part of the tour. This piece also toured outdoor festivals in UK,  and circus festival in France,  and with funding from Culture Ireland performed in East Iceland. Fidget Feet Aerial Dance (Ireland) and Drapes Aeriens (France) co- created Madam Silk.
lee p0le fr0g
vamp 23
pull up

Raw (2008)

Breathtaking circus, gravity- defying aerial dance work and erotic, fragile and fierce, Raw is an electrifying and dreamlike evocation of hedonistic nightlife. The Dj slips into a shamanic mode the infects te clubbers and as the night enfolds the story explores the balance between strenghth and vulnerability, violence and harmony, laughter and tears. Raw explores themes of identity, fear and power and asks questions of our attitude to clubland. Directed by Fringe First winner David Bolger Artistic director of mulit award winning from CoisCeim Dance Theatre Ireland. Funded by Arts Council and Clonmel Junction festival in July 2008 Raw premiered to great acclaim at Clonmel Junction Festival. Funded by Culture Ireland in August 2009 Raw was programmed by Dance Base Edinburgh , produced by Richard Wakely, as part of the Endinburgh frineg festival, where it was nominated for a Total Theatre Award.
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emma bungee sm

Real Eyes (2008)

In loving memory of Emma Insley

Fidget Feet started work on REAL EYES in 2008 to create a new circus spectacle suspended from two cranes.  In loving memory of our dearest friend and colleague Emma Insleym and thanks to the blessings of the Insley family, we created Firebirds in 2013, co-commisoned by Derry Fleadh Ceol.  In 2008 REAL EYES was commissioned by Donegal County Council and St. Patrick’s Festival, and received funding from The Irish Arts Council. Fidget Feet worked with Joe Hull from High Performance Rigging and Steve Taylor from Four Fish Design to create original aerial structures. Emma Insley was Gaia and worked as an aerial choreographer. In 2003 and 2004 Fidget Feet collaborated with Pat Speight (a storyteller from Cork City), a local Irish traditional dancer and three aerial dancers. They were supported by Mary Brady and The Institute of Choreography and Dance in Cork City. Fidget Feet also received support from Cork County Council towards working with The Bantry Youth Reach club to make a documentary.
winged girl on haystack
Remember her wing image

Remember Her (2007)

An indoor aerial dance installation piece using film, theatre, live singing and music combining all the skills and innovation for which Fidget Feet are renowned for. This piece explores the link between creativity and invoking The Divine. The experience happens above and around you, opening your senses. The performers take the audience on a fantastical journey filled with imagery that weaves emotion and wonder. Remember Her combines film, theatre, live singing and music with dance and aerial acrobatics to create a thrilling and imaginative display. The action takes place above and around you, opening up your senses as the performers take the audience on a fantastical journey filled with imagery that weaves emotion with wonder and fantasy. Supported by Arc Stockton, Dance City and Customs House. The piece was mentored by Rose English & Christine Deveney. Costume and design by April Pressely.

I Can’t Handle Me (2004)

This beautifully crafted and thought provoking solo brings the audience through a magical and mystical exploration of a woman’s journey through the turbulent cycles of life. A strong willed independent girl struggles with issues of identity, menstruation, love, sex, drugs, inner demons and herself. A very accessible and human performance, personal, humorous and honest. With an original, energetic and expressive blend of dance and circus that explores the harsh and tender with a smile from the heart. Aerial dance that floats with an exquisite compassion or stuns with its power and strength. Music mixed live with singer in finale part of solo. London Arts council supported the first research part of show early in 2004 in Inverness Scotland and then Commissioned and premiered at The Customs House in South Sheilds.