The Elves and the Shoemaker

Ages 4-8

"...thank you so much for helping me feel the music in my heart and showing me how to fly."

Audience Member

Enter Herman's Workshop and Become Part of the Magic.

Meet Herman and Daisy. They want to make shoes for your feet. But they owe so much money they barely can eat. Don’t worry though, because magic is always just around the corner. The Elves are here to help! And sometimes the answers are right above your head.
Fidget Feet’s The Elves & The Shoemaker is immersive storytelling with music and aerial circus for children aged between 4-8yrs and their families. There is no stage, you will join them inside their workshop and actually help them to make the best pair of shoes ever made. Herman, Daisy and the Elves need you!

“It was musical, interactive, and hilariously funny. The children were actively learning in a fun environment. The aerial circus dance was truly spectacular.”

– Marguerite Lane, Teacher, St. Nicholas Parochial School


“Fabulous, fiendish, flying Fidget Feet… Amazing… ”

– Audience Member


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Notes for Producers

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Devised: Fidget Feet
Director/Writer: Sean Hay
Writer: Jym Daly
Choreography: Chantal McCormick
Set Design: Karen Tennant
Lighting Design: Jeanine Davies
Costume Design: Abby Grewcock
Set Construction: Ian Thompson
Production Management: Joseph Flavin
Original Cast: Aisling Ni Cheallaigh, Sianna Bruce, Naomi Giffen, Chantal McCormick, Jym Daly

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