August 2020 Newsletter!

A Note from Chantal

I hope all our friends and FF supporters are safe and well. After months of working from home, I am really looking forward to working creatively with the Fidget Feet artists. Since the lockdown I have been working non stop, it has been filled with many emotions and then reflection. Now after two weeks annual leave camping on Donegal beach with my family, I am filled with hope that Fidget Feet can survive this storm. It is still so unclear how, but my heart feels the need to dream of creative projects, to ensure creativity and aerial art continue to thrive during this time.

So I hope you enjoy our newsletter, I wanted to let you know some of the things we have been up to during lockdown and three performances we have planned for August and September. While we wait to see how our friends and colleagues running theatres and festivals in Ireland can make it work, FF want to be doing research projects on new work so we are ready to tour as soon as they are able to book us. We miss our audiences so much! So funding permitting we hope to research an outdoor drive-in bingo idea, A Handful of Dreams; a new show for young people with Thomas Johnston from Ceol Connected, and an outdoor show on a newly designed rig with our spirals.

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All the best,
Chantal x