First tour of 2018 with the Irish Chamber Orchestra

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance present their first series of performances of 2018 alongside the Irish Chamber Orchestra, Trapeze.

February sees Fidget Feet and the Irish Chamber Orchestra tour Ireland and Germany from 14th – 19th February with Jörg Widmann and Diego Chenna, and Fidget Feet performers Kathryn Cooley and Aisling ní Cheallaigh.

Mozart’s joyful Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is one of his most popular and best-loved works, full of memorable melodies. Written when Strauss was 83, his Duet Concertino fully embraces his late style of composition with its reduced orchestration and highly refined writing which pays homage to his beloved Mozart. Widmann brings his own twist to the Andante from Mendelssohn’s Clarinet and Piano Sonata, which he has arranged for Clarinet, String Orchestra, Harp and Celesta. Only one movement of the prodigious 14-year old Mendelssohn‘s String Symphony No. 10 has survived, marked by a tempestuous character, and a major role for the violas – split into 2 parts. The Prokofiev’s Quintet in G minor is a seldom heard gift full of the jazzy themes of the 20‘s, inspired by his forgotten circus ballet Trapèze.


Dates, times and tickets:

18/02/18 - 6:00pm

Bayer Kultur, Germany

16/02/18 - 8:00pm

St Stephen’s Church, Dublin

Address: The Pepper Canister, 2 Mount St Cres,.

15/02/18 - 8:00pm

St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick

16/02/17 - 8:00pm

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

15/02/17 - 8:00pm

St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick

15/02/17 - 8:00pm

St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick