New show Bingo Wings on tour this Autumn!

Bingo Fever takes over stages nationwide this Autumn!

Fidget Feet, the masters of aerial spectacle present a stunning new show, a ripping yarn story about love, luck and bingo that takes you on a flight of fantasy, suitable for everyone from 8 years to 98 years old.

Bingo Wings is set in 1974, Bingo Fever has hit the town of Ballydawn, and everyone is dreaming of scooping the huge Snowball jackpot. But when star-crossed lovers Jimmy and Moya try to rig the game, fate, family and a giant storm get in the way. Will destiny keep them apart, or will their lucky number finally come up?  Bingo Wings is a story about luck and love that takes you on a flight of fantasy that’s funny, moving and spectacular.

This exciting new Fidget Feet production, blending circus, aerial dance and theatre, is delivered by an award-winning team including director Jo Mangan, choreographer Chantal McCormick, playwright Tom Swift and composer Jym Daly.

Not only will the show feature professional actors and aerialists, but also members of the local communities the show is touring to, as part of a community project where groups worked with circus artists.

The Bingo Wings Project is an intergenerational community project, bringing together younger and older people in a programme of public engagement focusing on arts, ageing well and health and wellbeing. A circus artist worked with community groups in Limerick, Kerry and Donegal, and some of these communities will feature in the show. Limerick City and County Council, Kerry County Council and Donegal County Council co-commissioned and co-produced the Bingo Wings Project with Fidget Feet, funded through the Arts Council’s Invitation to Collaboration Scheme.

Chantal McCormick co-founded Fidget Feet and the Irish Aerial Creation Centre with Jym Daly her husband and said making this show has been a dream come true for her, celebrating her fond memories of her grandparents.

“The Bingo Wings Project and show, has been a dream of mine for about 8 years, to find partners and funding in Ireland to make large scale aerial work is difficult, so I had to be patient but driven, I had to believe in the idea and make it happen. I am so thrilled to finally be able to share this show with all of you.”

“The idea for the show came from my childhood memory of going to the bingo with my Granny Peggy McCormick and my granddad the local postman Patsy McCormick, he would call out the bingo in Castlefin hall in Donegal and from age of 6 years I was my granny’s lucky charm, she would buy the bingo cards and when I got old enough I got to play and I used to win a lot, as did granny! Granny was my first business mentor, if I won she would take a percentage of the winnings, “well she did pay for the bingo card, so fair is fair!”

“I have a very warm feeling thinking of these memories and how special it was to be there and spending quality time with my granny while watching proudly as my granddad being a celebrity calling out the numbers. This show is made in memory of Peggy and Patsy McCormick who I still love and cherish and for all the grandparents and grandchildren in the audience.”

Bingo Wings premieres in the Lime Tree Theatre 13th & 14th September, and then goes on tour to Siamsa Tíre 9th October and An Grianán Theatre 18th & 19th October to mark the theatre’s 20th anniversary, with more dates planned for 2020.

Buy your tickets now:

The Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick, 13th & 14th September, call 061 953 400 or book online here

Siamsa Tíre, Tralee, 9th October, call 066 712 3055 or book online here

An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny, 18th & 19th October, call 074 91 20777 or book online here